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Custom Baby Bundles

Let's create a cost effective and efficient way to gift your team members or clients each time they have a baby. Take a look at the products below and let us know the following: 

1) Which bundles/items catch your eye?
2) Which packaging options did you like?
3) Are there any other items you would like to see in your custom bundle? 
  • We can source any item or brand
  • We can out your logo on most items you see below
4) What is your ideal price point - including shipping?
5) About how many gifts will you be sending over the course of six months?
6) How would you like to send us the shipping information?
  • Sending us a spread sheet each week/month

  • Utilizing our Company Storefront feature where you can place your orders in real time

  • Set up our automation technology where your CRM system sends our fulfillment system an alert when it's time to mail out your bundle

Once you let us know these details, we will send you a proposal with your custom bundle options. 

*No need to submit a quote - just email our sales team this information. 

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Looking for something different?

The options are limitless. Consider working with a Gifting Pro. They are standing by ready to bring your vision to life.

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